Lina Das

Lina Das

As a learning strategist, facilitator, and executive coach, Lina works across different industries helping employees and leaders (managers to C-suite) accelerate their development, deepen their learning experiences, and evolve their people strategy.

Lina helps analyse and evolve behaviours through initiatives that foster learning and drive culture change. She seeks to build pragmatic solutions designed to support clients in areas that yield the highest personal and organisational impact. Her aim is always to integrate the best of current research with practical, real-life applications.

In the last 25+ years of people and organisational development, Lina has been involved in extensive facilitation and coaching, instructional design, and leading individuals and teams to achieve business goals and objectives.

As part of her current role in CEEI, she works on developing strategies and frameworks for improving organizational performance with a focus on competencies, values, and leadership and management development.

Before joining CEEI, she held various leadership roles in Learning and Development and Talent Management in other consulting firms and corporates.