Talent Assessment

Custom Talent Assessment

The CEEI portfolio of virtual assessments provides validated and highly reliable data that helps you accelerate your talent development initiatives.

These assessments measure an individual’s ability, personality, and competencies to perform in the current role and the potential of success in aspired roles.

It provides insights to create laser-sharp development plans and can be created and used throughout the employee lifecycle.

Virtual Assessment
Ability Assessments

Ability Assessments

The CEEI’s ability assessments evaluate how an individual can interpret and integrate information, apply it effectively, and solve problems. The tools measure verbal and numerical problem-solving abilities using a scenario-based, multiple-choice format. Thus, these assessments can be used to assess an employee’s ability to solve problems, breakdown and apply information, learn new skills, and apply critical thinking and reasoning in an everyday situation.

Personality Assessments

Being successful at the job is not only about knowledge, intelligence, and skills. A large contributor to the success is the manifestation of the traits in our behaviour. Traits may be regarded as the fundamental building blocks of personality. These provide insight into how people typically think, feel, and interact in ways that may be productive or counter-productive.

Our personality assessment provides an in-depth understanding of a person’s strengths and development needs and is a powerful tool enabling you to select the right person for key positions in your organization or even crafting development plans for employees across the organisation.

Personality Assessment
Competency Assessment

Competency Assessments

Organisations identify competencies and build competency frameworks to develop and reinforce specific behaviours that impact organisational success. Most progressive and successful organisations have integrated competencies in all critical areas of business management.

At CEEI we look at competency assessment as an essential component for building an employee’s career development plan. Competency assessment gives the employee a sense of what skills and behaviours are necessary to perform at a higher level. The organization, in turn, gains a sense of the employee’s fit and potential within the company as well as a clearer understanding of which competencies result in higher performance.

A realistic virtual assessment ecosystem

With digitalisation evolving dramatically, The CEEI has worked on building a robust online ecosystem of varied virtual assessments that allow employees to respond to role simulations, case studies, group activities, and interviews all on one platform.

Our virtual assessments measure individual differences in cognitive, social, and emotional attributes as we use multi-rater and multi-source data (ability, personality, and competency) for evaluating the current fit to a job or predicting the performance of an individual to an aspired role.

A realistic virtual assessment ecosystem