About CEEI


We at Catallyst Executive Education Institute (CEEI) believe that learning is strategic and is a continuous process in enabling organizations and participants to leading in agile, competitive and dynamic markets. We appreciate the need for different learning requirement for different participants and we believe in measurable outcome oriented learning.


Driven by this belief along with strong and proven ability to enable,

Leading through Learning...

CEEI is a next generation executive education firm focused on measurable outcome oriented learning for participants and ensuring that such learning is anchored back well into their respective organizations. CEEI focuses across the spectrum of executive learning from strategic to functional learning requirements; help organizations to co-create Next Practices, thus enabling their short term and future-ready states; CEEI brings in the best of the faculties, educators, practitioners and management institutes from around the globe along with advanced talent analytics practice to help its clients achieve and retain a leadership position through learning and development. At CEEI, we believe that some of the best solutions towards organizational problems are brought in through proper capability enhancement of its existing talent pool through providing best-in-class capabilities throughout the engagement life cycle.

Today, our clients engage with CEEI for its unique business insights and best-fit interventions by leveraging a matrix of vertical and horizontal acumen, with years of experience in management research, public policy, executive coaching, consulting and advisory services.


Enhance business leadership through education by co-creating next practices as a learning partner


To become a prime eco-system enabled executive education partner for knowledge creation, dissemination & enabling our clients to leading through learning