Our Core Values

  • Focus on Learning at Individual Level
  • While the learning interventions have to happen in a batch mode, our approach is to enable individual learning for value acceleration of our clients and participants. We do that by measuring the apriority knowledge of the participants, learning styles and continuous monitoring & measurement of learning at individual level leading to impact assessment and delivery of a learning report for individual member

  • Value Acceleration through Education & Guidance
  • We catalyze the learning of groups through our interventions leading to overall value acceleration for strategic imperatives of our clients through education, execution and anchoring the learning back to work. We create specific project monitoring committees combining faculties, industry experts and top management of our clients to ensure value acceleration. We develop customized case studies, simulations to provide a familiar decision making environment to the participants. To ensure value acceleration post program, we take a blended and action learning approach providing learning nuggets to participants, video nuggets for what they have learnt, TED talks for enhancing their knowledge in specific areas, online libraries and many more.

  • Monitor, Measure and Manage
  • To ensure an outcome based learning, we use some of the latest and cutting edge artificially intelligent analytics tools along with custom designed metrics for clients to monitor, measure, predict and manage the learning outcome and its possible impact on workplace through talent analytics, talent micro-clusters, impact assessment of interventions and providing dashboards to learning teams for effective planning, monitoring and managing strategic talent in the organization


  • Customize Learning Interventions for Accelerated Impact
  • We take an outcome oriented approach by understanding the desired end state through strategic business imperatives for learning interventions in a measurable and predictable way, develop clear capabilities, design experiential programs to achieve those end states by measureable, tangible and palpable outcomes.

  • Catallysts Connections
  • We bring to you a global+local education experience through a large network of reputed educators, faculties, researchers, coaches, mentors, industry practitioners, research laboratories, business incubators, accelerators and business management institutions. Our programs emphasize on bringing a professor along with a professional in such interventions to bring out the best of the learning and innovation for our clients and participants

  • Innovation in Education
  • We bring to you a whole bunch of innovative education approaches starting from experiential learning, project based action learning, educational exchange programs, talent analytics, customized learning app & customized simulations using market as the classroom

  • Global Scale
  • To ensure value acceleration through learning, we deliver programs in global scale in USA, Europe, Middle East, Brazil and South East Asia handholding the participants through various exchange programs for learning through experience and interaction with experts from different markets

  • Alumni Connect
  • All participants attending our programs would become part of an executive alumni network with benefits of keeping their knowledge honed up and access to global management knowledge, research and be invited to alumni specific events round the year. This will create an attachment to the brand and will gradually help it to become aspirational in nature

  • Knowledge Quest & Research
  • To constantly update the knowledge of our clients (both present and targeted) and participants, we will take up dedicated management research projects for case writing, research articles etc. and will publish them through an in house publication of global standard. We will also conduct dedicated round tables conferences in the name of Knowledge Quest to signal the knowledge focus of Catallysts