Dr. Mohan Kaul

Dr. Mohan Kaul

A champion of globalisation and emerging markets, Dr Mohan Kaul is an influential, well-connected & recognised policy adviser, business leader, social entrepreneur, development specialist and academician.

He chairs a specialist advisory, Business development, Project Management and investment consultancy since April 2012. Prior to which he was the founding Director General and Chief Executive Officer and latter chairman of Commonwealth Business Council which was established by the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM). During that period, Commonwealth trade increased to over $4 trillion dollars and investment flows reached over $200 billion with some countries receiving FDIs for the first time.

He was responsible for establishing Commonwealth Business Forum as a part of CHOGM since 1997.
Over the past 20 years, he has built an enviable rapport with Presidents and Heads of Governments across continents. He has organised over 50 high level forums involving Heads of Governments, Ministers, senior officials, chairpersons and Chief Executives. He has been a member of the Presidential Advisory Councils of Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and similar councils in other countries and works closely with them. He has lead several business delegations to India and various countries in Africa and Asia.

His current assignments include:
•    Vice Chairman and Director of Indo UK Institute of Health, a joint initiative of Prime Ministers of United Kingdom and India with an objective to set up several private hospitals in various Indian Cities with the collaboration of Kings College Hospital and other NHS hospitals in UK
•    Founder, Commonwealth Investment Corporation
•    Chairman, UK India Global Business Ltd
•    Member of the Advisory Council of British Expertise
•    Member of Board of Crown Agents Foundation
•    Member of Board of Directors of Ahmedabad University
•    Chairman and Director of Micro Finance Company, CIGS, Chennai
•    Chairman of Aurum Earth , Singapore
•    Member of Advisory Board for Catallyst Executive Education Institute  (CEEI), India

His earlier result oriented assignments include:
•    Public sector advisor with United Nations
•    Senior Diplomat and Director at the Commonwealth Secretariat
•    Member of the Board of Directors and the Chair of Governance Committee of ICICI Bank, UK
•    Member of the Board of Directors of the UK-India Business Council
•    Member of the board of Central Council of the Royal Over-Seas League
•    Member of the Board of Baobab Resources PLC
•    Member of the Board of the World Bank’s Africa Virtual University

Dr. Kaul has led international and advisory and consultancy assignments in over 40 countries in the areas of Good Governance, Globalisation, investment promotion, free trade and fair trade, Private sector development and Public sector reforms. He advised the South African Government of President Nelson Mandela & Malaysian government of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed in Public service reforms, capacity building and Human resource development.

His honour includes:
•    Member of the UN Secretary-General’s Management Efficiency Group nominated by the British Government
•    Leader of a delegation to China for discussions with President Hu Jinao on governance and globalisation
•    Conducted the first evaluation for IFAD/World Bank of Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus’s world famous Grameen Bank in Bangladesh
•    Addressed a special session of the UN Assembly on public management.

Dr Kaul was Professor for several years and later Dean at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad. Dr. Kaul was nominated on a number of boards

and as a consultant to many leading public and private sector firms including:
•    Shipping Corporation on India
•    Larsen & Toubro Limited (L&T)
•    DCM
•    Electronic Corporation of India
•    Dredging Corporation of India
•    Member of the Governing body of L D College of Engineering, Ahmedabad.
•    Advisor to the various Departments of the Government of India-Planning Commission, Electronics   Commission and Department of Foreign Trade
•    Government of Gujarat

Dr Kaul has a PhD in Management Science from the University of Paris – Sorbonne. He was also conferred the honorary Doctorate of Letters by Cape Breton University Canada. Dr Kaul is a Chartered Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, Fellow of International Institute of Training & Development, USA and Fellow of Computer Society of India. He was also President of the International Association of Schools and Institutions of Administration.

He is the author of a number of publications. He has written several reports and papers on globalization, south-south trade, corporate social responsibility and good governance. To have a glimpse of his journey over last few years please visit