Anand Madia

Anand Madia

An Environmental Acoustician from the University of Liverpool by training, propagating quality and performance is a core value embodied in him. He has been advising various technology Start-ups that have made ripples in different ways across the world and am currently working with people / Startups that work on United Nations Sustainable Goals, finding potable Water and innovation in the field of Agriculture and creating innovating solutions using technology for solving common man challenges.


Being a passionate supporter of innovation and entrepreneurship, he has also been supporting budding talent via offering shared workspaces, funding/sponsoring independent ventures and organizing start-up conferences. Realistic, open-minded and yet an uncompromising professional, applying these values in every challenge that he takes up.


Personally, Anand has never really accepted the expression “I cannot”, a philosophy that has helped him overcome the many adversities and deprecations faced in the early stages of his career. With a childlike love for Science and Technology, Humanitarian Relief and a genuine appreciation for the Arts he has always been a humanist to the core, and hence is also a trustee of Ra Foundation, a cause that believes in paying forward random kindness to those in needs.


Anand has been appointed as Ex-officio Secretary to State (E-Governance) in the State of Sikkim and is also appointed as Advisor to the Government of Arunachal Pradesh for IT, Tourism and Investments and is currently advising Radial Skills – Apple Authorised Training partner in INDIA, VYSUME – India’s first true video HR portal, Life Cradle –World’s first low cost baby incubator (won awards from HRH Prince Andrew in London and The Pope in Vatican)