Women in Leadership
Starting From: 13/02/2019


It is a time of uncertainty and change in the world and the workplace, especially for women. It has been argued that women will soon catch up to men in leadership roles, but a recent study shows that given the current rates of change it is likely to be another 200 years until we achieve gender parity.  As women are still pushing to reach the top the challenges for women continue, in areas such as confidence and speaking up, in difficulties building alliances with powerful decision makers, and in subtle and not-so-subtle forms of bias.  As such, acquiring key leadership skills are critical for women to take on important roles, and to work to change our institutions for the better.



Participants will focus on how to be both a woman and a leader by understanding the common traps women face in leading, as well as how to overcome them.  Starting with discovering your authentic leadership style, we will launch the program with an action plan for each participant to thrive as a visionary leader. From there, we will bring in the skills needed to bridge the “knowing-doing” gap, including power and influence, negotiation and networking and leading effective teams.


Benefits to the Participants:


  • Build your authentic leadership style
  • Communicate with power and influence
  • Enhance team effectiveness
  • Become an effective negotiator
  • Create a Strategic Network


Benefits to Sponsoring Organization:

The looming worldwide leadership shortage means that organizations in which women lag in leadership roles are missing a huge opportunity. Introducing your women leaders to Women in Leadership allows you to shore up your bench strength while leveraging your women leaders’ unique strengths to drive strong business results.

  • Researchers consistently find a positive correlation between the representation of women in leadership positions and business performance measures, such as market share and return on investment
  • Because women make or influence up to 80 percent of buying decisions, their point of view is critical for companies marketing to consumers. In addition, studies have shown up to double-digit increases in productivity in companies with more women leaders
  • In our current knowledge economy, people are the source of growth. 85 percent of corporate value creation is derived from people, brand, and IP. Successful businesses in the foreseeable future will be those who can harness the strategic thinking and creativity of all their people
  • Organizations that create a culture of equal opportunity and diversity are better able to attract, retain, and motivate the most qualified individuals


Who should attend this Program?

This program is best suited for

  • General Managers(GMs)
  • Deputy General Managers (DGMs)
  • High potential women planning for the next level of leadership


Elizabeth Beta Mannix
Elizabeth Beta Mannix is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Management at the Johnson Graduate School of Management. She served as the Associate Dean for Executive MBA programs at Cornell University from 2012-2017. Mannix’s research and teaching is focused on, Authentic leadership, principled negotiation, networking and influence, high performance teams, strategic decision making, the role of emotional intelligence in business settings, creativity and innovation, leading transformative change, women in leadership and diversity. She is certified in the MSCEIT emotional intelligence assessment. Professor Mannix is the author of over 50 peer reviewed articles, as well as the 15 volume book series, Research on Managing Groups and Teams. Her work has been recognized by awards from organizations including the Academy of Management, Small Group Research, and the International Association for Conflict Management





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