Winning with Customer Centricity
Starting From: 18/01/2018


• Are a member of senior management, or a functional head, or departmental head from sectors such as manufacturing, services, Govt. departments and public enterprises having experience ranging from a few years up to 2-3 decades.

• You are a very knowledgeable, e cient, productive and indispensable asset for your mid-size or large organisation. Yet you are uncomfortable. You don’t exactly know how delighted and loyal your customers are... it may be that your customers are not entirely happy with the value you are providing them.

• You are working for a well-known organisation. But it is always bogged down by huge pressure of continuous business development. It is always running around to solve customer complaints. ‘Internal customer orientation’ is missing.

Would you know?

Who is driving your business? Your customers or your operations?
Who your customers are? Are they happy with your product or service?
Whether enough customers are buying your product or service? Are they satisfied? Loyal?


In a 2017 KANTAR IMRB survey, 42% of Indians reported willingness to pay a premium for good customer service. Also, 66% said they would discontinue due to poor customer service. Gallup (early 2016) found B2B companies globally were at risk of losing 71% of their customers due to poor customer centricity.

If you feel that you identify with the above statements and characteristics and

You want to

• Manage customer relationships – expectations, feedback ...Di erentiate based on a ‘customer centric’ promise • Ensure great customer experience – at all the touch-points
• Build and sustain a culture of customer centricity and thus
• Learn how to systematically and e ectively implement customer centricity in your operations.

Then this programme is for you. 


Anand Kasturi
Dr. Anand Kasturi is a consultant trainer with over 20 years of experience working with organisations and leadership teams in the area of services management/ customer centricity. He has delivered workshops across 15 countries – to Governments, large global corporations, startups, micro-enterprises, and non-profits. Oracle Corporation awarded him “Customer Service Guru” award in 2007 for his work with their global support organisation. He has been teaching MBA students “Services Marketing & Management” since 1998. Since 2007 Anand has worked as an Executive Coach. Anand has a B.Tech from IIT Madras, MBA from IIM Bangalore, and a PhD (Service Management) from University of Buckingham UK.





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