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Starting From: 20/07/2017

One hot topic among the top management of organisations today is - Strategic Execution. What does it take to execute strategies and bring forth results? The elements leading to effective strategy execution need to be comprehended and adapted by an organisation and it’s leadership line so that the organization can witness desirable changes and results.

Essentially, successful strategy execution involves elements like information, decision-making, organizational / project structure and stimulus to drive outcomes. And while, these are probably the foremost factors, there are a gamut of other stages and actions needed to translate strategy into results, such as developing and planning strategies, getting your teams to align with strategies, structuring operational activities accordingly, monitoring and inferring from observations, bring improvements gradually and continuously evolving. As such, result-oriented strategy execution is an ongoing process.

Organizations may come up with mind-blowing technology, amazing product offering or market-captivating strategy, to be on the competitive map, but only powerful execution can help you sustain and excel there.


Rajanish Dass
Prof. Dass is currently Managing Director of CEEI and founder of the super speciality expert network, Catallysts. He has served as the Regional Director for India and Strategic markets for the Samuel Johnson School of Management, Cornell University and is former Professor of IIM Ahmedabad.

Prof. Dass works on the area of Technology Strategy and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies globally. He was awarded as the Best Professor in Information Technology in 2012 by the World Education Congress, Singapore.





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