Team Building & Managerial Effectiveness
Starting From: 29/01/2018

Organisational scientists the world over assert that human failures (of communication, motivation, judgement, etc.) account for failure in organisations much more than any other inadequacies do.

The common concern of every manager anywhere remains the same: How can I work through people more e ectively -- as individuals and in groups?

Unlike parents, managers acquire second-, third-, fourth-, and nth-hand material to work with. People are complex and, having changed hands, they become even more complex! How does one build an effective team, then? This workshop will guide the participants to explore valid foundations on which to do so.


The objective of this workshop derives from three premises:

a) Understanding of oneself and others facilitates behaviour that is based on choice; b) Choice-based, rather than urge-based, behaviour is characteristic of maturity; and c) Maturity is an essential property of effective managers.

The workshop has thus been designed to help develop an insight into oneself and refine one's ability to understand people at work. The objective is also to have every participant acquire a firsthand experience 


M.j. Arul
Dr. Arul has over 40 years of experience in management education, spanning across IIM-Ahmedabad, IRMA-Anand and SP Jain, Mumbai. He has taught full-credit MBA courses of Individual and Group Behaviour, Management of Change, Organisational Theories, Human Resource Management and Creativity in Management. He was Director of the MBA Programme at Presidency College, Bangalore, for ten years and retired in March 2017. Dr. Arul’s expertise is in helping organisations understand and manage human behaviour at the individual, interpersonal and group levels. He has o ered MDPs/Executive Education programmes to many organisations in India, besides one workshop in the USA, two in Thailand and two in Bangladesh. His clients and associates, among others, include AMUL, NDDB, UN, BRAC, B-Con (USA) etc. Dr. Arul is an LHEP (Licensed Human Element Practitioner) from Will Schutz Associates, California. He is an MA and PhD in Psychology. He is a member of the Indian Academy of Applied Psychology, Indian Society of Extension Education and National HRD Network (India.)


Organizational Behavior



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