Talent Analytics
Starting From: 20/09/2017

Businesses are people-driven and for most of them, people happen to be the largest  investment, with potential to grow and diversify. Understanding your people and effectively managing them (both existing as well as prospective) for optimal performance is not only desirable but also the need of the hour, especially if you want to stay commercially advantageous.

During it’s lifetime organisations witness people come and go however, almost all orgaizations would have experienced phases that were or are promising and treading towards growth and this was traceable to people leading the change at that point in time.   Often organisations wonder what caused that change or propelled that kind of growth. With the kind of data and information they have on their people and their business(es), organisations can correlate these to understand people patterns and behaviours, which can help them predict and engineer better performance.

Talent Analytics is all about using data-driven analytics to generate information which is insightful and which can leveraged upon for enhanced performance and results.


Rajanish Dass
Prof. Dass is currently Managing Director of CEEI and founder of the super speciality expert network, Catallysts. He has served as the Regional Director for India and Strategic markets for the Samuel Johnson School of Management, Cornell University and is former Professor of IIM Ahmedabad.

Prof. Dass works on the area of Technology Strategy and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies globally. He was awarded as the Best Professor in Information Technology in 2012 by the World Education Congress, Singapore.





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