Strategy Execution Master Class
Starting From: 10/12/2018


Many companies have a strategy but struggle to translate it into results. This cutting-edge program will provide you with the skills and toolset to drive strategy execution across your organization and transform potential pitfalls into opportunities to be seized to dramatically improve performance. The program will help bankers to translate strategy to results through perfect execution. The program is designed as learning journey of 45 days with 2 days of workshop on Dec 10-11, 2018 at State Bank Institute of Leadership, a global CoE in BFSI sector.


The program is based on over a decade of rigorous empirical research on how some of the world's most successful companies execute their strategic plans. Most of the material (including frameworks, case studies, and articles) are drawn from London Business School and the faculty director's research, and are not available elsewhere. During this intense two-day program, you will identify and distil the critical components of your strategy into a succinct, robust and actionable strategy, and develop a tailored execution plan.


Each participant will leave the program with a concrete structure to improve strategy execution and tangible steps to track progress. This distinctive approach translates classroom insights into action. Multimedia presentations and workshop-like sessions will enliven the discussions, keeping them relevant and anchored to your unique needs and circumstances and making sure you apply what you have learned to kick start profitable growth from day one and for the years to come.


Benefits to Participants:

Participants attending this program will understand one’s role in setting and executing strategies, while dealing with complexities, risks, resource limitations and seizing opportunities faster than the competition.  The participants will learn to leverage technology to innovate and lead towards profitable growth, capitalizing on talent and capabilities towards successful strategy and execution.


Benefits to Sponsoring Organization:

While many organizations are able to create large volumes of strategy documents, seldom they are executed and more often in the way that they were planned. With participants having deeper insights of strategy execution, the sponsoring organizations will be investing in creating future leaders having razor sharp focus on execution.





State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata

Duration (In Days):



Rs. 218300 (Including GST)

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