Strategic Influencing Skills for HR
Starting From: 22/01/2019

Many companies have a strategy but struggle to translate it into results. This cutting-edge program will provide you with the skills and toolset to drive strategy execution across your organization and transform potential pitfalls into opportunities to be seized to dramatically improve performance. The program is based on over a decade of rigorous empirical research on how some of the world's most successful companies execute their strategic plans. Most of the material (including frameworks, case studies, and articles) are drawn from London Business School and the faculty director's research, and are not available elsewhere. During this intense two-day program, you will identify and distil the critical components of your strategy into a succinct, robust and actionable strategy, and develop a tailored execution plan. Each participant will leave the program with a concrete structure to improve strategy execution and tangible steps to track progress. This distinctive approach translates classroom insights into action. Multimedia presentations and workshop-like sessions will enliven the discussions, keeping them relevant and anchored to your unique needs and circumstances and making sure you apply what you have learned to kick start profitable growth from day one and for the years to come.

By the end of the program, participants will:
  • Understand the logics of value creation
  • Anticipate the obstacles that hinder execution
  • Develop and communicate a 'strategy for execution'.
  • Structure and lead discussion to close the knowing-doing gap
  • Identify and commit to the most strategic company-wide priorities
  • Apply simple rules to remove the most taxing strategic bottlenecks
  • Strengthen engagement, collaboration, and agility to support performance
  • Build an execution culture across teams and the organization
  • Align individual action to corporate priorities

Benefits to Participants:
  • Understanding each one’s role in setting and executing strategies
  • Dealing with complexity, risk and resource limitations & Spotting and seizing opportunities faster than competition
  • Leveraging technology to innovate and lead towards profitable growth
  • Capitalizing on talent and capabilities towards successful strategy execution
  • Creating a culture of execution in the organization thereby leading to transformation & growth and Acknowledging and enhancing shareholder value


Pallab Bandopadhyay
Dr Pallab Bandyopadhyay has over thirty five years’ experience as a Leadership Architect, Career Coach, Change and Transition Specialist and Teacher. A skillful HR practitioner, he helps his client organizations to align people strategies with their business goals. He blends practice with concepts through his corporate experience coupled with academic rigor. He is an expert in change and transition management having lead people related strategic interventions in twenty five M&A deals across the globe. He teaches “HR issues in M&A” at XLRI, Jamshedpur. His clients include Citrix Systems, Dell Services, Perot Systems, Cambridge Solutions, Sasken Communication Technologies, Ashok Leyland Information Technology and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB.) He has worked across USA, Europe, India and the APAC region. A doctoral fellow in HRD from XLRI, Jamshedpur, he has received training in various human processes and organization development interventions at NTL, USA. He is also certified in Hogan and Thomas personality profile assessments.


Human Resources Management


State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata

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Rs. 38000

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