Strategic Influencing Skills for HR
Starting From: 22/01/2019


It’s all about PeopleMany a times HR professionals feel their organizational leaders don’t recognize the strategic importance of engaging HR as an internal consultant especially for people interfacing high impact business decisions. On the other hand, many line managers feel that it’s up the HR professionals – to sell their consulting skill to influence business managers and position themselves as an internal expert. The problem that the set of internal consultants often face at work situations is not lack of their HR functional expertise. The real challenge is to develop the skills to get this HR functional expertise utilized effectively with the clients and engage internal clients meaningfully for collaborative problem solving. This two-day workshop is designed to help learn and practice a set of influencing skills that will make the participants use their functional HR expertise with internal clients more effectively.

Benefits to Participants:

Transform internal consulting capabilities for transformation

Evolve from a HR Professional to business partners and Specialists

Evolve to a more strategic mindset 

Benefits to Organizations:  

Promoting a sense of autonomy leading to job satisfaction

Steering employee efforts without compromising creativity