Reflective Dialogue On Leadership
Starting From: 20/04/2017

Organizations are driven by the type of leadership its top management portrays. The way a business progresses or performs is largely dependent on the leadership styles of its management team and senior executives.  It therefore becomes imperative for leaders of today to imbibe optimal leadership qualities and hone existing leadership attributes they possess.  

In the corporate world, leaders are of different types; also, different leaders can many a times display different leadership styles, which aren’t typical but can be situational. However, not all leaders or senior officers can don different hats effectively when required. Many leaders have experienced these needs and taken the pains to consciously groom their skills to be able to effectively lead businesses and teams.

CEEI’s program on ‘Reflective Dialogue on Leadership’ is a self-reflection program wherein participants will discover current strengths and identify areas of leadership that will help them consolidate their leadership styles.

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The CEEI Leadership Dialogue Feedback Cdr. Benny Mathews TCS

The CEEI Leadership Dialogue Feedback Priyanka Chande scrolling

The CEEI Leadership Dialogue Feedback Manish Jain Loparex


Indira Parikh
Former Dean of IIM Ahmedabad and has taught at the institute for more than three decades. Founder President of Flame, Pune and Sumedha. She has also taught at Insead and Texas A&M University.

Prof. Parikh has received innumerable awards for her contribution to the area and is listed as one of the most influential woman board member in the country.





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