Order of the Phoenix: Translate Crisis to Growth
Starting From: 21/07/2020

The current state in the country is unprecedented. There has been volatility but not of this magnitude. With COVID 19 issues coming up unexpectedly, it has taken aback many of us and left us with uncertainty about the days to come. Triggered by the fear of the unknown, many business leaders face the question of what next and what will the many facets of the neo-normal, are being discussed.

Many decision-makers have found the challenge posed by the pandemic as a colossal crisis particularly, when the business environment looks uncertain and beyond control and hence, bleak. However, there are umpteen examples where volatility in business environments have helped organizations to ride the wave and achieve far greater growth, than would have happened otherwise.

In such an environment of crisis and uncertainty, the only pertinent question that needs to be answered will be – are you ready to seize the opportunity faster and more consistently than the others, or would you treat the crisis as a sudden death threat!

The CII SNCL live Strategic Masterclass Series, Order of the Phoenix : Translate Crisis to Growth – Powered by CEEI focuses exclusively on the aspect of leading in uncertain times. It is expected to help organisations in this particular situation in mitigating their current challenges and offer a clear eyed view to chart am high octane business revival strategy turnaround in the shortest possible time. The series consists of four modules of two hours each, highlighting on various aspects of leading in times of uncertainty.The live Strategic Masterclass series will provide participants with the skills and toolset on the following four critical areas:

a) Leading in Crisis by Dr. Indira Parikh
b) Financial Management in Crisis for Growth by Dr. Ramesh Bhat
c) Connecting with Customers in Uncertainty by Mr.Pradeep Poddar
d) Strategy in Volatility by Dr. Rajnish Dass

Why should one attend :

  • The workshop is ideally suited for CXOs and Hi-Performance individuals being groomed for higher responsibilities in the next 2-3 years horizon. It is expected the participants to have a sufficient span of control to maximize benefit from the program. Past experience indicates that cross functional teams are able to implement better all-round strategies to real life problems by participating together for the sessions. Some of the real in company problems have seen the seeds of their solution evolve during the deliberations in the past editions of the workshop.
The Takeaways :
  • Know about the challenges comprehensively
  • Pre-program course work to define & manage expectations better
  • Have a clear-eyed analysis of best solutions
  • Multidimensional & multidisciplinary approach with emphasis on implementation ready solutions
  • Exposure to “learning by doing approach” toward solutions of real life in-company problems
  • Evolve inherent competencies to make organisations crisis proof in future
  • Opportunity of having experts to handhold with the implementation process
  • Coaching or doubt clearing facility post program


Indira Parikh
Former Dean of IIM Ahmedabad and has taught at the institute for more than three decades. Founder President of Flame, Pune and Sumedha. She has also taught at Insead and Texas A&M University.

Prof. Parikh has received innumerable awards for her contribution to the area and is listed as one of the most influential woman board member in the country.
Rajanish Dass
Prof. Dass is currently Managing Director of CEEI and founder of the super speciality expert network, Catallysts. He has served as the Regional Director for India and Strategic markets for the Samuel Johnson School of Management, Cornell University and is former Professor of IIM Ahmedabad.

Prof. Dass works on the area of Technology Strategy and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies globally. He was awarded as the Best Professor in Information Technology in 2012 by the World Education Congress, Singapore.


Leadership, Strategy, Marketing and Finance



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