Operations Leadership for Competitive Advantage
Starting From: 19/12/2017

Operations form the most important function in an organization. So much so, that operation literally runs across several functions, to manage the ultimate outcome or delivery. Not only in manufacturing organizations, operations play an equally significant role in service organizations. In an increasingly competitive environment, operations can and is expected to play a role in providing competitive advantage. Operations can, not only enhance the existing areas of competitive advantage, but also can add new areas of competitive advantage. This programme is focused on deep understanding of the tenants of operations management that culminate in identifying areas of competitive advantages through operations, approaches to realize the intended benefits and how to accrue them.


Our programme will focus on managerial decision making of operations functions in organizations. Active research areas include operations management, logistics & supply-chain management, sustainability, service management, capacity and production planning and control of processing networks, revenue management, and contracting and economic mechanism design.




This programme is ideal for middle and senior managers involved in operational decision making, both, from manufacturing and service sectors, preferably having decision-making responsibility with short and long term perspectives. This programme will not only benefit managers from Operations, Product Development, Logistics & Supply Chain, Procurement & Outsourcing, R&D, Materials Management & Inventory Control, Customer Service Processes, but also people from related functions like Finance, Marketing, Human Resources, Quality Control, etc. as it will give them a deeper understanding of managing operations and accruing competitive advantage from it.




The programme aims at greater understanding of the following areas to improving the performance of the organization.


* Capacity & Production Planning

* Logistics & Supply Chain

* Materials Management & Inventory Control

* Quality Control

* Risk Management and Sustainability

* Procurement and Outsourcing Management

* Linking Operations Strategy to overall Organisational Strategy

To maximise learning, this programme is designed as a residential programme at a five star property in Mumbai. The cost mentioned includes the cost of stay, food, programme charges and 18% GST.


Arabinda Tripathy
Former Professor, IIM, Ahmedabad; Former Dean of Vinod Gupta School of Management, IIT Kharagpur and Former Director of Institute of Petroleum Management, Gandhinagar.

Specializes in Operations Management, Operations Research, Quantitative Techniques and Project Management.


Operations Management



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Rs. 94400

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