Mindfulness & Emotional Intelligence
Starting From: 20/11/2018


This program promises to enhance leadership capacity, collaboration, performance and resilience leveraging tools from neuroscience, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence, providing evidence-based practices for leaders to be effective, flourish and grow in a VUCA world. It also Helps the brain to reorganize itself by forming new ‘neural connections’ to deal with the current situation, which is very different from what we are conditioned from our childhood. This program helps you manage ‘Focus and Attention’ for higher productivity and higher wellbeing. Only 25% of employees feel they are living up to their creative potential as per Adobe survey. TEI consists of a series of skills that these skills are trainable, and that mindfulness practice is the key practice or ingredient to unlocking our ability to train EI. It is interspersed with an array of activities, reflection and intense interaction between participants at a conscious and subconscious level – cultivating self-awareness and developing a new set of inner strength to meet the VUCA world.



Explore deeply each of the EI competencies, why they matter and practices to develop each.

Learn Resilience practices for the ability to bounce back from adversity. Reframe and rewire.

Leading with Compassion

The neurobiology behind the practices

Experience mindfulness and “in the moment” mindful practices through Lab Work (Pottery), thereby, reflecting to build an Equanimous mind


Benefits to Participants:

Expand leadership capacity – being an inspirational leader

Approach to the state of ‘flow & Take one’s performance to the next level

New set of inner strengths - achieve ‘effectiveness’ and ‘balance’ in work as well as in personal life & Happiness.

Conscious ‘presence’ by being more aware of - ‘who am I’ and ‘who can I be’

Address one’s professional and personal challenges


Benefits to Sponsoring Organization:

Quality of Decisions across the organizations

Collective performance of senior execs – happiness preceding performance

Collaboration between senior execs, Engaged and productive senior teams

Empathy & Compassion


Sanjay Mitra
Sanjay is a leadership & managerial development facilitator and leadership coach enabling leaders, High Potentials and teams increase their focus, influence and impact by being more aware of - ‘who they are’ and ‘who can they be’. Take their performance to the next level, address their professional and personal challenges, find their ‘purpose’ and align them all together to achieve greater effectiveness and ‘balance’ in their work as well as their life. He had been a student of some of the great world thought leaders - Thich Nhat Hanh (Zen master - mindfulness), Dave Ulrich (top 50 management thinkers, Ross Business School, Michigan), Swami Chinmayananda (Vedic monks - Upanishads), Marshal Goldsmith (top10 leadership Coach).

Sanjay is a certified practitioner on ‘Mindfulness’ from Plum village, France (Zen master – Thich Nhat Hanh) and Emotional Intelligence. He is currently working with SIYLI (Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute) school, born in Google and based on Neuro Science. He thereby leverages his learnings while coaching senior leaders and in leadership retreats/ sessions helping the participants to be happy leaders, create happy teams and lead joyfully while gaining ‘personal mastery’ with high productivity.

He is engaged with some of the very reputed organisations like premier multinational investment and retail banks- Credit Suisse, BNP Paribas, RBS, the big 4 consultancy firms, fortune 100 and 500 IT consultancy and product companies, fortune 500 FMCGs, e-commerce companies, premier US and Indian manufacturing organisations, premier entertainment organisations, networking organisations like SHRM, NASSCOM etc. Sanjay conceptualises, customises and designs situation specific interventions to ensure that business gets the desired result, while the leadership (senior execs and Team leads) find a purpose to ‘make the difference’. As Global OD head and being part of Global Talent management team in different global organisations, Sanjay gained a wide exposure and a great global view point.

Sanjay drives business results for organisations to the next level by diagnosis and organisation interventions, unleashing individual and collective potential of senior leaders and teams – Make them aware of themselves & their strengths + release their inner potential + align their strength and purpose to strike organisational goals, creating more commitment and accountability while building their own ‘Executive Presence’.

He is currently the Founder CEO of Inner Dynamics specialising in Executive Coaching, Executive Presence, Organisation Interventions, Competency Modelling, Leadership development, Managerial Effectiveness, Team effectiveness, new millennials Communication skills, Leadership and Managerial Retreats.


Self Management


State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata

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