Mastering Persuasive Communication
Starting From: 25/04/2017

Communication is the core fabric of our social as well as commercial existence. Effective communication is a must-have for all successful transactions, whether in personal life or professional.

Persuasion is one powerful element in communication that decides how soon the communication or transaction will successfully conclude. The art of persuasion is something that is developed eventually and can go a long way in determining the effectiveness of an individual. Persuasive communication is something that managers and leaders definitely need to learn so as to be able to perform various tasks (within & without) effectively and successfully.

CEEI’s program on ‘Mastering Persuasive Communication’ is a powerful program which will get participants to understand what it takes to be persuasive and how they can use this art to attain objectives and milestones in a planned fashion.

Video Gallery

The CEEI Persuasive Communication Feedback Vani Doshi Reliance

The CEEI Persuasive Communication Expert Saurav Dass, Sembcorp Industries

The CEEI Persuasive Communication Feedback Samit Bhartia, Mphasis

The CEEI Persuasive Communication Feedback Rupali Saxena, Sodexo

The CEEI Persuasive Communication Feedback Kiran Belsekar, PNB Metlife


Mathew Monippally
Prof. of Communications, IIM Ahmedabad

Specializes in leader communication for leaders, persuasive communication techniques.





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Rs. 110400

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