Market Research for Bankers
Starting From: 21/01/2019


It is not sufficient to just manage a business but manage it professionally. Professional management comes only when the decisions are backed by relevant and appropriate information and when the information is utilised scientifically. In the area of marketing the way to get the right information and utilising it efficiently is through Marketing Research. In today’s marketing environment where huge amount of data are generated and are flowing through marketing desks it is imperative to leverage the information for marketing success systematically,


This Program is basically intended to enable marketing professionals to acquire decisive edge in taking confident decisions which are backed by robust information and which can be logically explained to other decision participants. The marketing professionals should be able to appreciate the process of marketing research and evaluate different marketing information plans available to support their decisions. For marketing research professionals the program shall provide an overview of the marketing research cycle and bring forward the logical connections among all the steps involved.

Benefits to Participants:

  • This Program shall enable the participants with the following:
  • In making the right assessment about the kind of information required for a particular decision.
  • In choosing the right research proposal by estimating the cost and value of information that the proposal is expected to provide.
  • In evaluating the research design being followed in any research Program.
  • In interpreting the findings of the research for marketing decision at hand.
  • In integrating the marketing information system to the ongoing marketing decision system of the organisation.

Benefits to Sponsoring Organization

This program should help the organisation in professionalising itself, provide logical and clearer communication within marketing department and across the organisation. It should also help in spreading greater ownership of  decisions.

Who should attend this Program?

This program is best suited for 

  • Assistant General Managers (AGMs)
  • Regional Managers (RMs) and Deputy General Managers (DGMs)
  • And also, shall help decision makers across different sectors for overall marketing function as well as sub functions of marketing research managers can specially look for greater insights into their function and ability to deploy their research tools more efficiently.  


Prof Ashok Arora
Prof.Arora is an M.Sc. (Physics), M.B.A. and Ph.D. (Fellow) from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He has taught in over fifty Indian and foreign institutions including Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Management Development Institute, Gurgaon, European Business School,Germany, University of Bocconi, Milano, Masters of International Business, at University of Trieste and University of Torino, Torino, Italy. He had been the India Chair Professor in management at Lagos Business School. He has served in the boards of several organisations including Calcutta Stock Exchange, Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and Learning Universe.

He has been a consultant to over forty organisations including Bharti Airtel, National Petroleum Management Program, Hindustan Levers., Larsen & Toubro, Maruti Suzuki, AV Birla Group, IMRB, Reserve Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Government of India, J.K Synthetics, Greenfield, Henkel Italia, Cooksons, India Steamship, Norwegian Development agency, BPL, ACC, United Bank of India, Cybermedia Research and Grasim Industries etc. His main academic interest areas include Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy and Consumer Behaviour.


State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata.



Duration (In Days):



Rs. 45000

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