Managing Strategic Transformation
Starting From: 06/04/2017

All organisations at some point in time or other are faced with the need to transform. While businesses start up at some point in time, to be able to sustain and grow profitably they need to transform and strategically that too.

Majority of organisations transform as a reaction to situations and conditions and not because it was a part of organizational strategy. Such transformation is mostly a remedial behaviour and not a proactive planned one. Strategic transformation is all about continuously aligning your business model and growth with strategy. Strategic transformation, essentially, has to be led by strategic vision; and this which can ideally be done by the top and senior leadership of a company.

CEEI’s program on ‘Managing Strategic Transformation’ will enable senior executives of an organization to pre-empt the need for such transformation to propel and grow their business.


S. Manikutty
Independent academician teaching in various Universities and Business Schools.

He was full time faculty at IIM Ahmedabad for 2 decades, and specializes in Business Policy Area and General Management.





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