Managing Change
Starting From: 11/01/2018

Why do some managers seem to sail gently through all the changes that organizational and personal life throws at them, while others get upset if they have to embrace even a trivial change in their work place?

All organizational change is preceded by personal change. Change happens in managerial lives irrespective of the fact whether the change is desired or imposed. It is therefore absolutely essential for business managers today to proactively learn about what happens in these circumstances, which may have personal aspects of di culty and loss, alongside renewed focus and fresh insights into self-understanding.

Your organisation is a leading organisation in its field of business, service and/or operations. It is cognizant of the disrupting socio-cultural trends, break-through technological innovations, and continuous globalization. And so to prepare the organisation tackle these winds of change blowing in the air, the top management is considering creating a core team of leader-managers who can effectively lead the organisation towards success in today’s global and fast-paced business environment.

You are the leader-manager whose boss trusts you and is relying on you to lead change initiatives in the organisation by encouraging you to acquire and develop change management and leadership skills. You know, that you have the experience and have already successfully implemented various strategies in a process driven, people oriented and culturally sensitive way.

You want to acquire critical insights, tools and frameworks to manage and implement a successful organizational change initiative and at the same time avoid the pitfalls associated with traditional approaches.

You know that this Programme on Managing Change is for you.

Your co-participants in the programme, like you, are change agents from across industries and services including Corporate, Government, Manufacturing, Services, NGOs, as well as International agencies. They know that the key to success for being ‘change - ready’ lies in their perspective of how they view change, and their spontaneity in accepting it with a more resilient mind set and competence to manage these changes. It is the various competencies that they look forward to acquire and develop. 


Pallab Bandopadhyay
Dr Pallab Bandyopadhyay has over thirty five years’ experience as a Leadership Architect, Career Coach, Change and Transition Specialist and Teacher. A skillful HR practitioner, he helps his client organizations to align people strategies with their business goals. He blends practice with concepts through his corporate experience coupled with academic rigor. He is an expert in change and transition management having lead people related strategic interventions in twenty five M&A deals across the globe. He teaches “HR issues in M&A” at XLRI, Jamshedpur. His clients include Citrix Systems, Dell Services, Perot Systems, Cambridge Solutions, Sasken Communication Technologies, Ashok Leyland Information Technology and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB.) He has worked across USA, Europe, India and the APAC region. A doctoral fellow in HRD from XLRI, Jamshedpur, he has received training in various human processes and organization development interventions at NTL, USA. He is also certified in Hogan and Thomas personality profile assessments.


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