Management Control Systems
Starting From: 19/12/2017

The design and implementation of an entity’s management control process are driven by the entity’s mission, the entity’s business strategy, management’s perception of the behavior required to implement that strategy, management’s belief about human behavior, and the entity’s need for a process to assure strategy renewal in response to new strategic opportunities, risk and uncertainties.

If you are seeking to have an handle on the management control process by which senior management

• Influences behavior and guides an organization towards achieving its mission,

• Assures that the organization is progressing satisfactorily towards that mission, and

• Assures that the mission is still the preferred one to pursue.


Then this programme is for you:

This course is designed to help you think and gain knowledge, insights, and analytical skills related to how a corporate’s senior executive goes about designing and implementing those ongoing formal systems used to plan and control the firm's performance.


You are

• Corporate controllers, division and plant controllers, and assistant controllers who want to add value to your organization and careers by increasing your effectiveness in the various roles and functions of your job.

• A top or senior management functionary seeking to leverage your financial resources for strategic competence, new business identification and implementation, strategic management and evaluation and assessment of the performance of your key assets and resources.

• Head of a SBU/vertical seeking an insight into the way the top management, especially the way the finance and accounts teams would be analyzing your project proposals and annual budgets and performance.


By the end of this programme, you will

• Acquire a partnership approach to the business of the organisation. As a ‘Business Partner’ you will gain understanding and learn tools to furthering the financial goals of the organization

• Learn about aligning and evaluating an organization’s value proposition, goals and objectives and recognizing activities that add value to the organization

• Understand that different organizations typically have different strategies, and

• Realize that different control systems are needed to effectively implement different strategies


Rajendra Patel
Prof. Rajendra Patel is a qualified Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Until recently he was a Professor of Finance and Management Control, at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad for 15 years and now a Finance Specialist at the CEEI. He has done Teaching, Research and Consulting in Retailing, Banking, Oil marketing, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Fisheries etc. in India, Africa, Middle East and Europe. Previously he has served as Finance Director for Rolls Royce Plc.’s Industrial Power Group and also had consulting experience in various industrial assignments while working as senior consultant with KPMG London and during which time he worked on a World Bank assignment for Africa.

Specialisation: Finance and Management Control


Finance and Control



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