Macroeconomic Policies & Prospects for BFSI
Starting From: 23/11/2018



This program has been designed for senior bankers in India to understand the genesis and evolution of monetary policy in the country. The program has been designed for 50 days of engagement with 3 days of workshop from November 23-25, 2018 and 45 days of online self-paced learning.

India has emerged as the fastest growing economy and in the purchasing power parity terms has become the third largest country in the world. Economic policy reforms introduced since the mid-1980s have significantly contributed to this achievement. Global financial crisis of 2008 derailed and destabilized most of the economies that required a cooperative fiscal and monetary boost all over. Swings in international oil prices subsequently created uncertainties in the business environment and investment climate.  This brought about a sharp focus in the Indian macroeconomic policy framework to address the new challenges. The proposed program on Macroeconomic Policies and Prospects in India aims to discuss these developments and provide the required perspective to the participants on important aspects of India’s current & future business environment. This unique top management program for BFSI leaders would help the decision makers to understand the forthcoming prospects of the Indian Economy rooted in the policy shifts since decades in the region. Such a deeper understanding of the business environment will help the top management decision makers make conscious choices for their respective organizations.



This program would cover the following aspects of Business Environment:


Policy shifts in the Indian Economy since its Independence;


Recent reforms in monetary policy and focus on inflation rate;


Recent developments on interest rates and inflationary expectations;

Public debt and recent changes in fiscal policies of the Centre and States;


Current Global Economic Environment & Future Scenario

Prospects for the Indian Economy.



Benefits to Participants:

Participants would understand the basis and recent trends in the macroeconomic policies – both monetary and fiscal - followed in India over the recent past. They may also appreciate how the policies would affect the business environment including the treasury operations that get affected by the bond market movements.  They also see the linkages of the external and internal environmental factors like implementation of 7th Pay Commission recommendations, farm loan waivers, revision of Minimum Support Prices of agricultural crops, elections, tariff wars, international oil prices and other global uncertainties to the domestic policy changes. In short, the participants will be better equipped to interact with their economic environment so that they can predict and adjust to the banking requirements.


Benefits to Sponsoring Organization:

The organization would stand to gain when their top executives are better informed about the nature and trends in the economic policies in the country because it is their leadership and anticipation that will matter for the growth and prosperity of the bank. Basic understanding of the economic environment and business prospects within the global and domestic environmental uncertainties on the part of the top executives would go a long way to shape the business strategy and relevant responses of the bank to achieve desired goals.


Introductory Offer Flat 10% discount on all program fees for limited period on nominating more than 12 participants across various batches

Early Bird Discount 5% discount for nominations and payments received on or before the cut-off date

Bulk Nomination Discount: You can avail group discount of 7% for 3 or more participants. (You can increase the effectiveness and impact of the program when a core group or a team jointly participates in the program. They develop a common strategy and are all on the same page when the execution matters).


Dr. Ravindra Dholakia
Prof. Dholakia has worked as a Faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad (1985 – 2018), MS University of Baroda (1980 – 1985) and Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research (1977 – 1980) after doing his doctorate in Economics from MS University Baroda (1975 – 77). He has about 42 years of experience of teaching Economics to different groups like Post Graduate Management Students, executives, policy makers and senior government officers.


Business Environment


State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata

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Rs. 159300 (Including GST)

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