Leader as a Coach
Starting From: 24/01/2019

Managers deal with complexity, Leaders foster change. Our environment is replete with disruptive change. Excellence is a race without a finish line, and high-performance organizations raise the bar higher all the time. Exceptional leaders recognize that, at the heart of sustaining performance, is a commitment to change made by our employees. Leaders enable a performance culture by fostering this commitment to change, across the organizations they lead. Coaching is a process through which leaders impact individuals by helping them overcome internal and external barriers to change and growth and performing to their true potential. Coaching is a vital skill for today’s leader in building high performance organization and to deliver on results. Leaders as coaches are the essence of the “Learning Organization” which is the only sustainable competitive advantage organizations can create in this era of permanent turbulence.


By the end of the program, participants will 

  • Utilize business coaching to identify potential and accelerate development of talent to augment the leadership pipeline & Improve your coaching conversations by structuring them for maximum effectiveness
  • Improve bottom line by connecting the performance of people to the strategic initiatives of your business & Enhance engagement by providing ongoing and consistent performance feedback Enable deeper deployment of culture through role modeling and transformational conversation.
  • Practice extensively to sharpen your skills in each of the eight capabilities of “Leader as a Coach

Benefits to Participants:

  • This program will help leaders develop essential skills of a successful coach and a talent developer and help participants learn to:
  • Create effective coaching contracts ?and identify resistant behaviours and generate a commitment to action ?& Cultivate trust and openness ?by giving feedback that builds confidence ?
  • Encourage experimentation and risk-taking ?which will foster discipline and follow up on agreements 

Who should attend the program?

Participants may include senior managers from BFSI companies like :

  • Deputy General Managers (DGMs)
  • General Managers (GMs)


Anil Sharma
An Electrical Engineer from IIT Kanpur and a graduate of the Columbia Coaching Program, Anil Sharma is founder of Lead Edge, a leading consultancy and training company in the space of organizational and leadership development. He has over 25 years’ experience in the corporate world in Leadership and Organization development, Strategy, Executive Coaching, Change and Transformation, Training and Six Sigma. He has consulted with and advised many organizations, from within and from the outside. His experience spans across large global teams, functions, customer service and operations in both large companies and at start-ups on assignments with the broad focus of designing and delivering human capital and organizational effectiveness solutions for companies across the globe. His expertise is in organization development, change acceleration and developing and implementing learning solutions which make a significant impact to the business and the individuals.


State Bank Institute of Leadership, Rajarhat



Duration (In Days):



Rs. 50000

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