Keeping Customers For Life
Starting From: 13/07/2017

Every business loves customers; in fact businesses exist thanks to their customers. However, given this competitive age, few businesses have gone proactively ahead to adopt the approach of keeping the customer at the center of their business and align everything to create exemplary customer experience. This is Customer Centricity.

While most organizations might conclude that they are customer centric, simply great customer service, with remarkable customer satisfaction statistics does not mean that the organization has a customer centric focus. Customer Centricity goes beyond this. 

When business create customer value by putting customers first, which goes beyond plain and simple customer focus, it drives customer loyalty and generates greater and long lasting business value. Becoming customer centric needs organizations to own the customer with responsibility, which means keeping your customer at the core of your business, right from the time of design to delivery to post delivery. It is this overall customer experience management that will keep your customers loyally with you and even endorse you. Customer Centricity is a culture, for organizations to build in.

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The CEEI Keeping Customers for Life


Ramesh Venkateswaran
A Management Consultant & Educator. Consults a number of national and multi-national organizations.

Visiting faculty at IIM Bangalore and IIM Udaipur, specializing in Marketing, Product Strategy, Customer-centricity and Quality systems.





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