Innovation and Design Thinking
Starting From: 29/11/2017

Truly remarkable companies are like a pair of scissors. One blade is efficiency in production and execution; the other blade is creativity or innovation. Most companies already focus on efficiency, but innovation is often portrayed as something that cannot be defined, described, or copied or that only some gifted people can do it. This programme provides proven tools and methods to sharpen your innovation skills and apply it to the challenge of corporate growth. This helps in the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low-cost to create new market space, which can make the competition irrelevant for both the company and its customers.


Understand and apply the logic and tools of an Innovation and Design Thinking to real companies. This will help to drive product and service innovation; process innovation and market innovation.



·       Knowledge and Insights: Through hands-on exercises and high-energy lectures, participants undergo intensive training in innovation and design thinking processes.

·       Applied Experiential Learning: Participants learn design thinking concepts and methodologies by applying them to their own businesses providing immediate relevance to ongoing strategy initiatives.

·       Shared Understanding: By the end of the course, participants will have an understanding of their company’s implicit strategic challenges, and most importantly, a foundation for addressing them.

·       Original Solutions: Participants will propose solutions to the current challenges they face in their organisations.



Senior and middle managers from industries who are exploring growth opportunities and/or are facing cut-throat competition due to which their margins are being affected. Organisations are encouraged to nominate multiple participants so that they will be able to apply the learnings to real in-company projects.

To maximise learning, this programme is designed as a residential programme at a five star property in Mumbai. The cost mentioned includes the cost of stay, food, programme charges and 18% GST.


George Eapen
Member of the Blue Ocean Strategy Network Works at Center for Social Innovation at INSEAD.

Principal Consultant – Innomantra Consulting





Duration (In Days):



Rs. 94400 (Including GST)

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