Innovation Acumen (Mumbai)
Starting From: 20/02/2019


This is a highly interactive learning oriented program where one of the objectives is learning by doing.  The instructor will facilitate rapid understanding, assimilation and adoption of innovation identification and selection methods. The participants are expected to actively engage in-class team oriented exercises. A major objective is to empower the participants with methods for identifying innovation opportunities and making fruitful innovation choices and transform them into innovation catalysts in their respective organizations.

Benefits to Participants:

  • Clear understanding of the drivers, triggers and enablers of innovation.
  • A method for identifying incremental innovation opportunities
  • A method for designing service innovations
  • A method for generating adjacent innovations
  • A method for selecting the most attractive innovation opportunity

Benefits to Sponsoring Organisation:

Executives empowered with Innovation Acumen and will be able to ensure the sustainability and growth at the individual, team as well as the organization level.  

Who should attend the program?

The methods taught in this program are applicable across several industries. Examples used for this offering will focus on financial services industry. This program is best suited for 

  • General Managers (GMs) and 
  • Deputy General Managers (DGMs). 


  • Understanding drivers, triggers and enablers of innovation.
  • Identifying incremental innovation opportunities
  • Service innovation design methods
  • Adjacent innovation opportunity identification
  • Selecting most compelling innovation for action


Desai Narasimhalu
Professor Desai is a Fellow of the International Society for Professional Innovation Managers (ISPIM). He has more than forty years of Innovation Development, Management and Commercialization experience. His team’s innovations have been transferred to MNCs such as Apple, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, Hitachi, IBM, National Semiconductors and Siemens, Some innovations were transferred to large local companies to be set up as subsidiaries such as ST Electronics (Info-Security), Info wave Communications. Some other innovations resulted in start-up companies such as Molecular Connections, SecureAge, Smart Bridges, and XiD technologies. Professor Desai has trained senior and C Suite executives in companies such as Abbot Labs, DuPont, Overseas Banking Corporation, Singapore Airlines and Singapore Telecoms. Professor Desai has encapsulated his experiences as Kindle e-books on Amazon – I Ching of Innovation, Business Model Buffet, Discovering Disruptions, Adjacent Innovation Methods and Innovative Entrepreneurs workbook.





Duration (In Days):



Rs. 75000

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