Financial Acumen For Managers
Starting From: 29/06/2017

It’s truly said that Finance is the blood life of any industry. Having said this, understanding finance and impact of financial transactions or decisions is not limited to finance managers and leaders alone. All business heads and managers  responsible to drive an organizations objective and goals definitely need to have a sound understanding of finance, financial concepts and financial analysis to be able to make sound financial/business decisions.

This programme will help the participants to understand key accounting and financial concepts, read and evaluate a company’s financial statements, internal MIS and decision making, identify the key cost drivers for their business, analyze cost behavior for better business decisions and make better capital budgeting decisions. Participants will also be introduced to the importance of cash in valuation, qualitative factors impacting value, alternative valuation methods, weighted average cost of capital and determining the right discounting rate, determining optimal capital structure of a company and its dividend policy.

This programme is best suited for business & operating managers with responsibilities for sales, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, distribution and human resources functions aspiring for graduating to more senior roles within the company. It will also equip them with relevant financial knowledge to enhance their effectiveness in their current jobs.

The programme will have a pre-programme assessment of participants, followed by a highly interactive programme schedule. Subsequent to this, participants will be assigned live projects and have access to CEEI’s expert panel and they will meet again after a month for submission of their projects, thus resulting in anchoring their learning back to work.


Dinesh Gopalan
An expert in Financial Accounting & Standards, Corporate Finance, Capital Markets and Valuation.

A hard core professional who conducts training regularly on the above subjects in Public, Private and Multi-National companies.





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Rs. 74750

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