Excellence in Strategy Execution
Starting From: 26/02/2018

Do you need to raise the level of the strategy execution in your organisation?

Historically, strong competitive positions, superior resources and even the best strategic thinking have never guaranteed success. This is true even today in our ever more turbulent world. Winners are those who excel in strategy execution.


Great leaders of strategy execution not only set out the destination of the strategic journey and how to get there: they also show why the execution challenge is compelling at a personal level for all those engaged in it. In this programme we will therefore try to understand such leaders’ thinking and execution strategies by exploring what it takes to achieve vertical alignment around a strategic goal; how to ensure e ective connections across boundaries and the adaptation required along the way. We will also look to build emotional engagement with strategy, which all too often seems abstract to those tasked with its implementation.


The programme is for senior managers who are tasked with translating their organisation’s strategy into executable priorities at a business unit level – across commercial and public sectors. They may be:

  • Senior and Top Management Executives who are involved in execution of strategic initiatives such as Leadership Transition, Re-Structuring, M&As, International Collaborations, etc.

  • Sr. Managers/GMs/VPs of organisations involved in execution roles such as New Product Development, Business Development, Operations, Project Management, Strategy and Planning, Research and Development, Employee Engagement who have to work in teams inside the organisation or outside through outsourced resources, especially contractors.

  • Executive Assistants to Top Management - in Public as well as Private Organisations – who are charged with responsibilities of coordination of successful implementation of strategic initiatives from the top management.

  • Strategic Consultants who advise and hand-hold their client organisations through the delivery of their strategic inputs.


 > Understanding Strategy Execution and its challenges and opportunities

> Overcoming Inertia

> Case Study on Apple to study its Initial Success, Subsequent Failure, Resurgence

> Ensuring Commitment and Action

> Case Study on the ‘Cuban Missile Crisis’ to study how to counter biases

> Ensuring Flexibility and Agile Execution

> Challenges and Opportunities in Collaborations

> Creating Emotional Engagement


Dominic Houlder
Dominic Houlder is one of Europe's leading experts on strategy execution in B2B and professional services firms. He is Adjunct Professor in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management at London Business School. At London Business School, Dominic was Associate Dean of the School's flagship Sloan Fellowship Programme. He is a repeated winner of the Sloan Fellows' "Best Teacher" award. Dominic leads London Business School's open Executive Education programme "Executing Strategy for Results" and co-leads the School's New Generation Professional services programme.





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