Excellence in Execution
Starting From: 21/02/2019



Historically, strong competitive positions, superior resources and even the best strategic thinking have never guaranteed success. This is true even today in our ever more turbulent world. Winners are those who excel in strategy execution.

The current era of economic turbulence has revealed that most of the organizations are facing huge challenges to deliver more. It has become necessary for people in the senior position to make sure that their strategies will have a positive business impact.  

Excellence in execution Program by CEEI provides you the essential frameworks needed to achieve your goal. It explain that how you can generate value, and the techniques that enable you to lead discussion to execute the strategies. You will be able to expand the idiom to connect with people above and below you.



By the end of the program, participants will

  • Learn how organizations can evade a Midlife Crisis
  • Enable deeper deployment of culture through role modeling and transformational conversation
  • Comprehend the individual drivers to execution and learn how they are interrelate
  • Develop key  concepts,  frameworks and innovative approaches in formulation and implementation of corporate and competitive strategies
  • How to erect an execution culture across the all level of organization


Benefits to Participants:

  • Dealing with complexity, risk and resource limitations
  • Guidance on how to execute your strategy in volatile market
  • Identify execution bottleneck across the sectors
  • learn about different levels of execution
  • Primary tools of executions


Benefits to Sponsoring Organization:

  • This program develops your company’s ability to retort effectively to an altering environment, enhances competitive advantage through proficient organizational response and advances the culture for execution of strategies
  • Creating a culture of execution in the organization thereby leading to transformation & growth
  • Excellence in execution enables organizations to put into action the strategy they have originated to overcome competitors
  • It will be helpful in getting the idea about execution challenges in the organization


Who should attend this Program?

The program is best suited for

  • Chief General Managers (CGMs), Deputy Managing Directors (DMDs) and Managing Directors (MDs)


Dominic Houlder
Dominic Houlder is one of Europe's leading experts on strategy execution in B2B and professional services firms. He is Adjunct Professor in Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management at London Business School. At London Business School, Dominic was Associate Dean of the School's flagship Sloan Fellowship Programme. He is a repeated winner of the Sloan Fellows' "Best Teacher" award. Dominic leads London Business School's open Executive Education programme "Executing Strategy for Results" and co-leads the School's New Generation Professional services programme.





Duration (In Days):



Rs. 106000

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