Effective Communication
Starting From: 19/12/2018


With the increase in complexity of business operations, communication has taken a center stage for managers in today’s organizations. This learning journey on communication has been designed as a learning journey for 45 days with 3 days of workshop at State Bank Institute of Leadership, a global CoE in BFSI.


The program aims to help Managers communicate more effectively and in tune with the needs of today’s business environment. The broader goal will be to establish a satisfying and fulfilling engagement, with all stakeholders of the company both within and outside the organization. The Program will be participative and based on experiential learning, assisted with conceptual-frameworks and practice sessions.


Benefits to Participants:

Participants attending this program will be able to overcome challenges of effective communication by being self-aware and communicating better by being more effective listeners and being able to apply these skills back @ work


Benefits to Sponsoring Organization:

The program will be able to enhance the content, language and flow of communication by the individuals who would be undergoing the Program. It is expected that through the efforts of the participants, the organizations should witness the communication between people and constituents to be more lucid, precise, constructive and result-oriented.



Manaswini Acharya
Manaswini Acharya is a Professor of Marketing Communications. As a Fulbright Scholar, she did her doctoral research at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale USA. She Specializes in semiotics, social media and brand management. She teaches at IIM Ahmedabad, Department of Semiotics Aarhus University Denmark, University of Texas Austin, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, etc.




State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata

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Rs. 63720 (Including GST)

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