Discovering Leadership Traits
Starting From: 13/02/2019


“Leadership is lifting a person’s vision to high sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations.” – Peter Drucker 

Training today has several euphemistic identities such as L&D, Capability Building, Talent Development etc. Starting in the 70s with training in interpersonal skills to leadership coaching today, there is very little to show by way of actual behavior change. ESat Surveys and 360 Feedback systems continue to indicate the top-down, autocratic styles by which enterprise is managed by owners and individuals in positions of authority. We are threatened by inner ‘fears’ that do not permit us to explore innovate; consequently, as a nation with 1.4 Cr population, we are 150th in the Global Innovation Index. Make in India will translate to make spare-parts for manufacturing MNCs, and body-shopping by BFSI and domestic IT firms. It is in this context that a few of us from across the world have begun leadership coaching using perspectives from neuro-psychology and psychoanalysis, and are able to demonstrate and capture empirical data about behavior change.


  • A unique feature of Discovering Leadership Traits is to offer confidential 01-on-01 sessions focused on leadership, using psychotherapy. 
  • Benefits to the Participants: 
  • The Leadership Program is designed to bring reflective focus on personal leadership challenges. A few immediate takeaways are:
  • Reflect on one’s own leadership anchors, using some of the existing feedback system (such as 360 Feedback and/or Skip-level Feedback), and psychometric tests that will be provided by Faculty,  
  • Revisit the subject of Strategic Leadership  through discussion of excerpts from a film, 
  • Develop insights and perspectives about “the unconscious” aspects of leadership, and its impact on the performance of groups and organizations, 
  • Lead up to the crafting of a personal “Action Plan”. 

Benefits to Sponsoring Organization: 

The organization will gain from the development of sustainable leadership capabilities in a group of key executives. These executives, irrespective of position, will demonstrate strong commitment towards addressing and resolving pain points in the organization that hinder effectiveness and slows down decision-making in operational areas.

Who should attend this Program?

  • Senior executives especially 
  • Deputy General Managers(DGMs) and General Managers (GMs) from all functional areas in any organization can attend. 


Manab Bose
Manab Bose is currently Adjunct Faculty at IIM Udaipur where he has been teaching an Leadership from the past 6 years. He is also a practicing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist at Sukrut Bangalore, a psychotherapy clinic. An MA in English from Jadavpur University, he taught English Literature and Language in Nainital, Delhi, Bhutan, Kolkata. His last assignment in academia was with National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Manab then joined industry and was there for 25+ years, straddling the Indian Public Sector, MNCs, and the Indian Private Sector. Starting with Bharat Petroleum as Chief Training Manager, he moved to Colgate Palmolive India as Director. He then joined GE India in their top-management team, and spent almost a decade thru the 90s installing and integrating GE start-up businesses in the country. The last 2+ years he was on the top-management team of Tata Group in Bombay House. Manab co-founded Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Bangalore, in 2004, a K12 mainstream school for 1700 underserved students, and is intimately involved with teacher-development. He also has several publications in both leadership and psychoanalysis subjects.


State Bank Institute of Leadership, Kolkata.



Duration (In Days):



Rs. 43000

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