Decision Making and Negotiation Skills
Starting From: 15/02/2019


Negotiation skills are critical in both informal day-to-day interactions and formal business transactions. Expert negotiators know that that the best negotiated outcomes will not only be economic, but also relational and as well as reputational. A negotiation mindset is one that solves problems creatively and confidently. It allows some individuals to see room for possibility, when others walk away.  Shifting your point of view to this mindset, and to see those possibilities is critical. Once you do this, you can approach bargaining with a structured framework that will allow you to be successful in a multitude of situations and contexts.



In this course we will understand how to shift your mindset, how to plan and prepare for difficult negotiations and how to build a powerful position before sitting at the table. We will see how to “make the ask,” and we will also look at the moves and turns of a negotiation, how to negotiate successfully from a position of weakness, and how to defuse threats, lies and other hardball tactics. We will discuss when to walk away, and finally, how to make rational, ethical decisions, and create trusting relationships.

Benefits to Participants:

  • Shift your point of view & understand the power of biases.
  • Handle difficult people and circumstances.
  • Learn effective methods of interpersonal influence and persuasion.

Benefits to Sponsoring Organisation: 

  • Make your decision makers more aware about decision making under various scenarios
  • Empower your decision makers with power to negotiate well for the organization
  • Help your decision makers cut decision making lags and become more proactive

Who should attend this Program?

Executives and senior managers from any industry, especially 

  • General Managers (GMs) & Chief General Managers (CGMs)


Elizabeth Beta Mannix
Elizabeth Beta Mannix is the Ann Whitney Olin Professor of Management at the Johnson Graduate School of Management. She served as the Associate Dean for Executive MBA programs at Cornell University from 2012-2017. Mannix’s research and teaching is focused on, Authentic leadership, principled negotiation, networking and influence, high performance teams, strategic decision making, the role of emotional intelligence in business settings, creativity and innovation, leading transformative change, women in leadership and diversity. She is certified in the MSCEIT emotional intelligence assessment. Professor Mannix is the author of over 50 peer reviewed articles, as well as the 15 volume book series, Research on Managing Groups and Teams. Her work has been recognized by awards from organizations including the Academy of Management, Small Group Research, and the International Association for Conflict Management





Duration (In Days):



Rs. 106000

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