Cyber Threat Awareness for Executives
Starting From: 21/02/2018



Today the Internet is the backbone to all types of transactions whether they are in the corporate world or the social world.  However, the mobile and social network collusion has brought with it new types of cyber security challenges. As more and more government and private organisations allow their employees to bring their personal devices into the workplace it has become increasingly difficult to monitor and control the data utilisation.  In addition to this the cloud and mobile apps will bring further security and privacy challenges to governments and corporate organisations in the near future. The next wave of cyber-attacks are predicted to come from mobile botnets which will remotely control a set of vulnerable smart phones without the knowledge of the end users. Hence it is important that the senior executives, senior managers and employers understand the real threats that are posed to the digitally connected organisations of the future.  Senior managers need to understand the risks posed by the new generation of cyber vulnerabilities to make decisions in the event of a cyber-attack.  In addition to this there is also a need for the senior executives to understand the impact of a specific attack on their organisations. Based on the experience through working with several governments, industries and end users the faculty of this programme have carefully identified areas in cyber security that is critical to any modern organisation.

Who should attend?    

·       Senior Executives

·       Senior Managers

·       Information Officers

·       Project Managers

·       Security Officers

·       Compliance Officers from industries such as

o   BFSI

o   Oil and Gas

o   Telecom

o   Transport, Travel and Hospitality

o   Government Ministries, Departments, Enterprises,

o   Export Oriented Businesses

o   IT and ITES


Training Outcome


At the end of this training programme, you will be: 

·       Aware of the types of vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks that are relevant to your business verticals 

·       Aware of the tools available to monitor and mitigate some of the state of the art cyber attacks

·       Aware of the level of investments needed in any future IT infrastructure and cyber security skillset


Muttukrishnan Rajarajan
Professor of Security Engineering and leads the Cyber and Security Research and Consultancy at City University London.

Presently engaged with several government offices & the public sector partners to generalise the UK government’s identity assurance scheme.


Information Technology



Duration (In Days):



Rs. 93220 (Including GST)

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