Creating Hi-Resilient Boards that Deliver
Starting From: 18/12/2020

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) with its long history of developing solutions for industry was approached by members to come out with a specific intervention to fill the gap in capacity, existing at this level. After thorough research through its dedicated Centre of Excellence for Leadership (COEL) it has come up with a long duration curated performance enhancement series titled Pinnacle: Creating Hi Performance Resilient Boards that Deliver in partnership with Catallyst Executive Education Institute (CEEI) with a clear set of deliverables.

This program provides fascinating insights, tools and frameworks for existing and would be Board members and C-suite executives part of board functions, to create, manage and become part of a High Performing Board. It addresses high impact challenges in their present organisational and business environment to expose them in a structured fashion to evolve a comprehensive view. The objective is to create more value as a Board member through collaborative leadership, motivating other members and management taking them along thus creating a truly hi-performance Board.

Benefits to Participants:

  • Learn key expectations from Board members as a leader with a clear-eyed view of the Responsibilities and Liabilities that the position entails.
  • Understand the change of role in today’s business environment for C- Suite Executives who are on or aspire to be on Board.
  • Overview of Board work and understanding how to advance global mindset as a Board member
  • Ready to develop the strategy of an organization in a frequently fluctuating business environment with collaborative leadership skill, engaging with all stakeholders through tools and techniques for strategic, financial and control perspectives
  • Grasp aspects of good governance to form more operative governance processes by adding value to the organization.
  • Become a high impact Board member through Digital Transformation and Innovation in current context
  • Understand aspects of leading negotiations and managing board dynamics,
  • Learn managing critical relationships like that with the organization and other board members,
  • Evaluate own leadership traits and identify areas to improve for high impact board leadership
  • Learn key aspects of becoming more effective in various board functions
  • Analyse emerging areas of corporate governance in terms of legal and statutory compliances
  • Understand branding imperatives through CSR initiatives
  •  Receive detailed report on own leadership profile and detailed discussion on areas of self-development
  • Another key feature to dispel the prevailing dissonance is through faculty chosen carefully from their experience of being part of Hi-Performance boards themselves, sharing their insights and helping participants making it happen.
  • A conceptual theme would be brought forward wherein the problem analysis can happen under the guidance of expert faculty, so that solutions to live Industry problems can be germinated.
  • Members graduating through the process are offered guided coaching opportunities to solve their real in company problems under the supervision of experts being at hand, to offer their guidance as an additional module (optional). The main objective is different from the transmission of information but to build capability to think through problems to come up with innovative, low gestation solutions that work.


Indira Parikh
Former Dean of IIM Ahmedabad and has taught at the institute for more than three decades. Founder President of Flame, Pune and Sumedha. She has also taught at Insead and Texas A&M University.

Prof. Parikh has received innumerable awards for her contribution to the area and is listed as one of the most influential woman board member in the country.
Ramesh Bhat
Executive Chairman, WOne Management Systems. Actively engaged in dynamics of public policy making and implementation. Advisor to Ministry of HRD, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Harvard School of Public Health, etc.
Rajanish Dass
Prof. Dass is currently Managing Director of CEEI and founder of the super speciality expert network, Catallysts. He has served as the Regional Director for India and Strategic markets for the Samuel Johnson School of Management, Cornell University and is former Professor of IIM Ahmedabad.

Prof. Dass works on the area of Technology Strategy and has worked with many Fortune 100 companies globally. He was awarded as the Best Professor in Information Technology in 2012 by the World Education Congress, Singapore.
Dr. Ravindra Dholakia
Prof. Dholakia has worked as a Faculty member at IIM Ahmedabad (1985 – 2018), MS University of Baroda (1980 – 1985) and Sardar Patel Institute of Economic and Social Research (1977 – 1980) after doing his doctorate in Economics from MS University Baroda (1975 – 77). He has about 42 years of experience of teaching Economics to different groups like Post Graduate Management Students, executives, policy makers and senior government officers.
Manab Bose
Manab Bose is currently Adjunct Faculty at IIM Udaipur where he has been teaching an Leadership from the past 6 years. He is also a practicing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist at Sukrut Bangalore, a psychotherapy clinic. An MA in English from Jadavpur University, he taught English Literature and Language in Nainital, Delhi, Bhutan, Kolkata. His last assignment in academia was with National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Manab then joined industry and was there for 25+ years, straddling the Indian Public Sector, MNCs, and the Indian Private Sector. Starting with Bharat Petroleum as Chief Training Manager, he moved to Colgate Palmolive India as Director. He then joined GE India in their top-management team, and spent almost a decade thru the 90s installing and integrating GE start-up businesses in the country. The last 2+ years he was on the top-management team of Tata Group in Bombay House. Manab co-founded Parikrma Humanity Foundation in Bangalore, in 2004, a K12 mainstream school for 1700 underserved students, and is intimately involved with teacher-development. He also has several publications in both leadership and psychoanalysis subjects.


Top Management Leadership & Strategy



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