CAFRAL - CEEI Financial Sector Leadership Program
Starting From: 05/02/2024


The banking and financial services landscape in India is evolving at an unprecedented pace today, driven by cutting edge business and digital transformation. With the competitive dynamics becoming sharper and customers demanding hyper-personalized experiences, the financial sector stands at a crossroad, demanding astute leaders in the sector who can steer their institutions through the evolving challenges. Such insightful future leadership which appreciates the transformative changes and understands the challenges would facilitate a customer centric and risk intelligent innovative financial sector that provides the requisite assurance.  While transactional leadership is important, at senior levels the need for transformational leadership which is digitally smart & collaborative has emerged as the need of the moment.

This five-day program aims to provide a leadership competency framework, curated for senior & emerging leaders in the financial sector, to create demonstrable and high impact leadership quotient. The program has been designed with Catallyst Executive Education Institute (CEEI) for senior and middle management leaders of banking and financial services organizations in India. The program would also focus on high level functional skills of critical importance for financial sector leaders such as those relating to governance, strategy and risk.

Forum & Capitol, Taj President, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Program Highlights:
The Program will include the following:
1.  Discussions on:
Leadership competencies
Macroeconomic and banking policy landscape
Digital Business Models and Transformation
Strategic mindset & execution excellence
Risk Intelligence
Customer Centricity
Fostering Innovation
Importance of collaborative leadership for driving change
Governance Challenges

2.  Simulative experience involving group and individual exercises (Mentored Action Learning Project and Group Leadership Coaching & creation of Individual Learning Plan)

3.  Leadership competency assessment, presentation, personality mapping, and Debriefing.

Participants Profile:

This program is designed for middle management, senior leaders and emerging leaders from Regulatory Institutions, Banks, Financial Institutions and NBFCs.



Leadership competency framework for senior and middle management in finance


Taj President, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

Duration (In Days):



Rs. 150000

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