SBI - CEEI Joint Certification Programs For BFSI sector


Learning Approach

  • Programs customized to the requirement of BFSI sector only.
  • Multisensory experiential learning mixed with best in class management faculties and educators making it relevant for senior and top management.
  • Multi-modular programs mixing guided and self-paced learning to enable participants gain most.
  • Balancing academic inputs and real-life insights.
  • Monitor, measure and manage.
  • Use of AI-based analytics to deliver higher impact in learning.
  • Keen focus on individual-level learning through post program coaching, mentoring and handholding, creating individualized learning journey.
  • Global connect and immersion journeys.
  • Knowledge quest and research.

Core Values

  • Keen Focus on Individual-level Learning
  • Value Acceleration
  • Global Scale
  • Monitor, Measure & Manage
  • Catallyst Network
  • Alumni Connect
  • Customize Learning Interventions for Accelerated Impact
  • Innovation in Education
  • Knowledge Quest & Research



Strategic Business Projects
(CEO Agenda Items)
Face to Face program
(corporate location)
Face to Face program
(corporate location)
Ex. Video nuggets
Peer or External
Online Communities
or Networks
Global Immersion
(visit companies & markets)
Face to Face
experiential learning
Video Content
(TED Talks)
At Your Learning Center
or Corporate Locations
Innovation Hackathons
or Challenges

Long Duration Programs (Multi Modular Programs)

High Performing Boards of BFSI

For Top Management (i.e. ED/DMD/MD/Board Members)

High Impact Global Leadership for BFSI

For CGMs or EDs

Advanced Leadership Program

For GMs

Accelerated Leadership for BFSI

For DGMs

Emerging Leadership Program

For AGMs& RMs

Aspiring Leadership for BFSI,

For Branch Managers& Chief Managers